Hello, I’m

Camilo Holguin.

Freelance front-end developer with over 8 years of experience. I’m extremely passionate about web development and strongly focused on modularity and maintainability. My current focus area is Shopify, WordPress and other web technologies.

Over the last few years, I’ve worked remote for agencies to create digital products. If you’re interested in working together, or just feel like connecting, let’s get in touch.



Front End

On a daily basis you’ll find me using tools such as Sass / BEM, Gulp, Bower, npm, Git and VS Code to speed up development.


Focused on working with React and Redux to create interfaces, I also work with Underscore, jQuery, GatsbyJS and GraphQL.


A majority of websites I build use WordPress in some way. I like to incorporate it because it’s stable with a built-in REST API.


One of the best Ecommerce solutions. I build beautiful, fast and high converting custom Shopify themes.

Mobile First

I aim to build for the smallest screen and work my way up with progressive enhancement. It can ensure a great experience.


Selected projects
Reeal Photography

Reeal Photography

Reeal is a premium Photography WordPress theme that enables you to create a professional portfolio website and manage your blog.

Project Type
Premium Template

Live Website